Variable authConst

auth: {
    fissionWebCrypto(settings: Configuration & {
        crypto?: Crypto.Implementation;
        disableWnfs?: boolean;
        manners?: Manners.Implementation;
        reference?: Reference.Implementation;
        staging?: boolean;
        storage?: Storage.Implementation;
    }): Promise<Auth.Implementation<Components>>;
} = ...

Predefined auth configurations.

This component goes hand in hand with the "reference" and "depot" components. The "auth" component registers a DID and the reference looks it up. The reference component also manages the "data root", the pointer to an account's entire filesystem. The depot component is responsible for getting data to and from the other side.

For example, using the Fission architecture, when a data root is updated on the Fission server, the server fetches the data from the depot in your app.

So if you want to build a service independent of Fission's infrastructure, you will need to write your own reference and depot implementations (see source code).

NOTE: If you're using a non-default component, you'll want to pass that in here as a parameter as well. Dependencies: crypto, manners, reference, storage.

Type declaration

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