Function program

  • 🚀 Build an ODD program.

    This will give you a Program object which has the following properties:

    • session, a Session object if a session was created before.
    • auth, a means to control the various auth strategies you configured. Use this to create sessions. Read more about auth components in the toplevel auth object documention.
    • capabilities, a means to control capabilities. Use this to collect & request capabilities, and to create a session based on them. Read more about capabilities in the toplevel capabilities object documentation.
    • components, your full set of Components.

    This object also has a few other functions, for example to load a filesystem. These are called "shorthands" because they're the same functions available through other places in the ODD SDK, but you don't have to pass in the components.

    See assemble for more information. Note that this function checks for browser support, while assemble does not. Use the latter in case you want to bypass the indexedDB check, which might not be needed, or available, in certain environments or using certain components.


    Returns Promise<Program>

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